If Music Soothes the Savage Beast, Will It Help the Colt Stand for the Farrier?

Next time we have the colt’s hooves trimmed, I’m going to turn on some country music. Don’t laugh–I’ve been reading about the benefits of music for horses. According to Dr. Juliet Getty, a noted equine nutritionist, stress can have a negative impact on your horse’s health in a variety of ways, including ulcers and weight problems. “A horse’s natural instinct is to roam freely with members of its herd,” Dr. Getty says on her website, which offers music specially made for horses by developer Janet Marlow. “Most domestic horses do not have the opportunity to do this and may endure long hours confined in a stall. Having music that is especially designed for relaxation will make these hours more comfortable for your horse and will help his mental and emotional well-being.” And since horses are reputed to not like low and high frequencies, I figure one genre they would appreciate is country. Rock music can be too aggravating with its pounding beats, and classical can hit some pretty high and low notes. But I figure country, like the porridge for the three bears, should be just right. Also, I have a newfound appreciation for country music, having just contributed to some articles in American Cowboy Legends: 50 Greatest Country & Western Singers. In addition to payday a piece on Patsy Cline, I got to have the enormous thrill of interviewing Hank Williams, Jr. and Hank Williams III (more on that later). At any rate, I figure I owe it to Keith Jacobson, our extraordinary farrier, to make his life a little easier. Quill the colt stood pretty nicely for Keith while having his little hooves trimmed…until he didn’t. But Keith gently and firmly persevered, and got the job done while throwing in a little training session, to boot. So the next time Keith comes out to trim feet, there will be someo twangin’ and croonin’ going on in the barn. I’ll let you know if it does the trick!

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