Introduction: Saddle and Strength

Welcome, friends!

You may remember me if you followed my first blog here on EquiSearch, “The Campus Equestrian.” My time to graduate college has come and passed this spring, so I began to brainstorm new ideas of how to bring fresh, useful, and interesting content to you. I hope you will be pleased with what I’ve come up with.

Riding Sampson, 17 hh Hanoverian Gelding. He always gives me quite a workout!

This new blog “Saddle and Strength” is all about the fitness journey of the equestrian athlete, and learning of what benefit strength training can be to riding. For the last several years, fitness and strength training have become an integral part of my life and changed the way I ride. My goal is to open more riders’ minds to the possibilities of strength training and make them realize how beneficial fitness is to their own health and that of their mighty steeds.

In this blog, I will explain the strategies that I use in my everyday training and discuss how useful they have become to my riding. I include exercises that have significantly strengthened my core, helped me develop better body awareness and control, and contributed to my boost in confidence as a rider and lifter.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified personal trainer and do not claim to be an expert. All contents of this blog are based on my research, trial and error, and experience in lifting and riding. I hope that I can motivate and encourage more equestrians to step foot in the weight room, or at the very least take steps to improve their fitness.

Summer rides with my good friend Molly

If you would like get a glimpse into my fitness history with lifting and riding, please refer to my post on “The Campus Equestrian” blog called “Bodybuilding and Riding?” right here on EquiSearch. Plenty of new, fun content coming to you soon!



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