Riding Vacation in Ireland: Day 8

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Sunday, February 15, 2004
Did I find the “love of my life” at Kinnitty Castle this week? Indeed, I found something very special. The Love Of Life.

It was divine Providence that brought together this wonderful group of “Singles” from all over the world to meet and enjoy this unforgettable adventure. Lots of people shared with me their deeply spiritual experience of being here. Away from the routines that commonly rob them of any time to reflect, these people were able to spend time with their best friends–themselves. And to make new friends with others who share the bond of being “single.” They are going home richer today.

As I sit at this lovely bay window overlooking the front door of the castle, I watch as successful, professional people from all walks of life who didn’t know each other a week ago, embrace and promise to keep in touch. Each of us has touched the lives of others here in a positive way–a way that was impossible to predict and inconceivable to imagine just a week ago.

Poignant examples of the support and friendship are the relationships we developed while riding. As you know from my previous postcards, the rides were fabulous, but what made them even more meaningful for all of us are the circumstances surrounding the preparation and execution of the ride. John Duignan, the proprietor of the stables, died suddenly only a few months ago while on a hunt. The job of continuing the work he had started fell to his beautiful wife, Dorothy, who had little experience in this area. With a willing heart and tremendous courage, Dorothy and her helpers Charon, Suzanne, Gretl and Louise executed the perfect equestrian experience for us. All of us benefitted from watching their bravery and resolve. We were all single–but not alone. John is smilin’ on ye, Dorothy. Well done!

Cross Country International, Kinntty Castle and all of the smiling Irish eyes made this an event each of us “Singles” will treasure. I would encourage each of you to live life to the fullest and plan the adventure of your life now.

I would be remiss if I didn’t send a special “Tally Ho” to Mr. Donald Little, Master of the Hunt at the Myopia Hunt Club in Hamilton, Massachusetts, and to Mr. Peter Poor, my sponsor and mentor at Myopia. “I’ll be home soon,” to my friends at By the Way Farm. And a very special “Slainte” to my buddies at Providence. Without all of you in my life, I would not have enjoyed this wonderful adventure.

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