Getting to Know Our Advertisers: Q&A with Kerrits Equestrian

We got up close and personal with advertising companies across our publications, and we want you to know them too! Discover their favorite and most popular products, and find out what they had to say to our questions.

Kerrits provides performance equestrian apparel for women and children.Here is what Kerrits founder and owner Kerri Kent had to say about her company:

Question: What was the original inspiration for your company?

Kerri Kent: I always wanted an equestrian apparel company. I wanted to bring functional, comfortable, and athletic fabrics into the equestrian industry.

Question: How did you get started?

Kerri Kent: Kerrits started as swimwear company geared towards wind surfing. Over twenty years ago, we partnered with an east coast company’s carrot seed division, in order to provide a package of carrot seeds with every garment produced. Now solely an equestrian apparel company, the brand has evolved to focus on providing comfortable athletic gear for riding.

Question: What is your main target group of customers?

Kerri Kent: Mostly women and children. 

Question: How do you want customers to benefit from your products?

Kerri Kent: I never want customers to have to worry about their apparel; it should be durable, functional, and comfortable. Kerrits is always setting new trends in function and design, and wants customers to have a great overall experience with their riding apparel.

Question: How does being family owned and operated make your company better?

Kerri Kent: Kerrits being family owned and operated allows the company to move quickly in new directions, without numerous layers of authority to pass each idea through.

Question: What do you think makes a company different by being family owned and operated?

Kerri Kent: A family owned and operated company is very maneuverable, so new designs and innovations can move from concept to reality in a timely fashion.

Question: What is the main “mission” of your company?

Kerri Kent: As Kerrits is firmly rooted in apparel, the main mission of the company is to provide quality, performance focused products that will last.

Question: How has your company impacted the industry?

Kerri Kent: Kerrits has set great industry standards of innovation by bringing new, athletic materials to equestrians. Features like gripper elastic in the ankles of riding breeches are among the great designs that Kerrits has introduced to the market.

Question: What is one unique thing about your company?

Kerri Kent: The company is made up of a team of all women, and also includes athletes and riders as ambassadors for the brand.

Question: What makes your company loved by customers?

Kerri Kent: The fact that Kerrits is so focused on performance makes it loved by customers. It is also the experience of Kerrits that people receive: the interaction with customers and professional service given keeps them coming back.

Question: What is your best selling product?

Kerri Kent: The Kerrits Performance tights

Question: What is your favorite product?

Kerri Kent: My favorite products change with the seasons: for summer, it is the new No Faults show shirt with mesh inserts. I enjoy developing my own artwork for prints to use in apparel suitable for different seasons.

Question: What would you like customers to know about your company that they might not already know?

Kerri Kent: Kerrits is a large company made up of exclusively women, plus many team riders and ambassadors that help expand the brand. Thanks to the diverse group of different shapes and sizes making up the Kerrits team, they can make sure that the garments truly fit and flatter as well as perform on everyone.

Question: What do you take into consideration when developing new products?

Kerri Kent: When developing new products, the Kerrits team considers other athletic sports environments, such as skiing, to help develop the best products and fabrics. The equestrian apparel market is too small, so they have taken on the task of evolving riding gear like their infamous tights with athletic fabrics and bright colors. I want Kerrits apparel to be “affordable luxury” for equestrians.

Question: In what ways do you see your company growing in the future? ​

Kerri Kent: In the future, the Kerrits team would like to expand in the international market into the United Kingdom, South America, and Australia. We also plan to grow more in the children’s market, and develop more bags and other accessories with unique artwork and prints.

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