Media Critique: Jane Savoie's Dressage 101

This woman really shines as an instructor.


When you get right down to it, we all “ride dressage,” that is, if we’re properly training our horse. So, don’t let this book’s title cause you to turn away. If you’re struggling to get your horse balanced, on the bit and supple in any discipline, you’ll find suggestions, solutions and even sympathy and understanding in this book.

Jane Savoie is an experienced dressage competitor, with an impressive list of credentials, but she really shines as an instructor, clinician and writer. She makes things clear: “By using your driving aids a fraction of a second before you use your rein aids, you ride your horse from back to front. This is your goal no matter what type of riding you do, because it’s the only way you can honestly connect with your horse and make him more athletic and obedient.” 

Language like this simple description of the half-halt, with photos and diagrams, makeup the entire book.

Bottom Line:

it’s a wonderful companion to her excellent two-part DVD series “The Half Halt Demystified.” It looks and feels like a textbook, but it reads like a conversation with a fellow rider.

Best Suited For: Serious riders in any discipline at any level who want to improve their horse’s performance.

You’ll Be Disappointed If:

You’re looking for directions on Grand Prix movements or want this book to replace your trainer. DVDs and books can clarify things, but you need a person to teach you to ride properly.

Lee Foley, Contributing Writer

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