Metaphor Attends His First Parelli Clinic

Metaphor, a curious gray 4-year-old PMU gelding from Canada arrived in Maryland three years ago. His owner signed him up for a 2004 Parelli clinic in Lexington, Va., after an attempt at trailer-loading that took almost four hours and a sedative.

Once Metaphor had arrived in Lexington, trainer Pat Parelli and Metaphor’s handler, Stacey, spent several hours with him in a packed auditorium. They worked on getting Metaphor’s attention, showing him they were the dominant animals and calmly re-introducing him to the trailer.

By the end of the two-day clinic, Stacey was able to coax Metaphor (or “Blue” as Pat had nicknamed him) calmly and confidently into the trailer. Here, you’ll see a collection of photos from the clinic.

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