To Do This Month: Manage Sunburn, Insects, and Shade

Use this month to get ready for summer’s horse-care challenges.

Sunburn: Plan to protect tender pink-skinned areas, particularly those on the face, with a face mask and/or sunblock lotion.

Parasite control: Warm moist weather increases parasite activity, so stay diligent with your deworming program. Also pick up and remove egg-harboring manure regularly from paddocks, pens, and pastures.

Insect control: Inventory and restock such supplies as insect repellents; feed-through fly controller; fly sheets, masks, and wrap; and insect traps. If you intend to use parasitic wasps (bugs that feed on fly larvae), order your supply.

Mineralized salt: Ensure an ample supply for all your horses, so they can replace critical minerals lost via sweating.

Water supply: Like you, horses require more water in hot weather than in lower temperatures. Make sure yours will have a continuous supply of water that’s fresh and clean.

Shade: Besides sheltering horses from the sun’s rays, shade also deters flies. Ensure that your horses have access to this form of protection.

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