Mosquito Eggs are Hatching


Protect yourself and your horse as mosquito populations began to increase across the country, starting with the southeast. Dump and scrub your water troughs frequently, and get rid of yard waste and debris quickly—take it off the property. Cut back foliage and work on your drainage to eliminate areas of standing water.

For the horses, get them vaccinated, and use a flysheet and mask to protect them from bites. For yourself, avoid working or riding outside during dusk and dawn, times when mosquitoes are most active. Wear light colored long-sleeve shirts and pants, hats and a neck cover. Spray yourself with repellent (preferably one containing DEET).

Know the symptoms of West Nile Virus—like Rabies, and Equine Encephalitis, it is a nervous system disorder and only shows a fever in 25% of cases. Symptoms include: listlessness, trembling, depression, loss of appetite, stumbling and loss of coordination, weakness, head tilting and partial paralysis to convulsions. The best prevention is vaccination. 

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