Mounting a Colt for the First Time

If you’ve been following along with this series, you’ve already learned how to saddle up your colt and longe him; how to “stirrup-drive” him with the saddle on; and how to desensitize him to a plastic bag (which helps him to be less spooky about everything). In our final three lessons in this series, I’m going to teach you how to handle that very critical first ride.

This month, you’ll learn how to mount for the first time and flex your colt’s head and neck from side to side. Next month, you’ll learn how to move both his front and hind ends laterally. In October, you’ll learn how to move him out at a walk, trot, and lope.

My method makes use of a helper on the ground, which I’ve found to be the best, safest way of introducing a colt to the experience of being ridden.

(A caveat: Colt starting isn’t for beginners. If you have any doubts about your horsemanship or riding skills, play it safe and take your colt to a professional trainer.)

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