Introducing October's Experts

Got questions? We've got answers. Ask the Experts is a new interactive feature designed to bring the top talent in the horse industry to you. Check out the advice already posted and ask a question!

Clinton Anderson (left) and David and Karen O’Connor (right) kick off EquiSearch’s Ask the Experts. | Photos by Darrell Dodds and Brant Gamma

As part of our fresh, new design, EquiSearch introduces Ask The Experts, an interactive feature that brings the top talent in the horse world–riders, trainers, vets and more–directly to you, our readers. Each month we’ll spotlight guest “appearances” from leading experts in Western riding, English riding and horse care. You’ll be able to read some questions and answers from each, and ask your own question. Each week, we’ll select two questions for each expert and get them answered and posted here on EquiSearch.

Through October, we’re proud to feature Clinton Anderson, of Downunder Horsemanship fame, and three-day eventing Olympians Karen and David O’Connor. Check out the advice already posted from these top experts, and ask a question!

October’s Ask the Experts

Clinton Anderson on Backing, Trail Riding, Aggression

Clinton Anderson on Rearing, Mounting, Bridling

Karen and David O’Connor on Bolters, Nerves

Got a question?

Email your questions for Clinton and the O’Connors to [email protected]. We may not be able to get all of your questions answered, but we’ll try!