Click 'n Learn: Pirouette in the Long Lines with Bo Jenå

Click to set in motion or stop this photo sequence to see what Bo Jena does with the horse in long lines to develop a pirouette.

[flipbook speed=”400″ coverurl=”/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/bo_jena_pirouette_15.jpg”]

Bo Jenå


— Photos by Susan J. Stickle

In the third part of his series on long lining, in the June 2008 issue of Dressage Today magazine, Swedish trainer Bo Jenå teaches how to develop high collection movements, such as piaffe, passage and pirouettes. Use this stop-action photo sequence to see how he guides the horse through a pirouette.

Press the Play button to play the sequence automatically all the way through, or use the individual numbers on the right to proceed one image at a time.

As you watch the sequence, observe the following:

  • The “engaged” hind that is, by definition, bent and carrying weight.
  • The throughness of the back that enables…
  • …the front end to lift with ease.
  • The forehand steps to the right.
  • The horse is nice in the mouth with the poll the highest point.

For a complete discussion of long lining, see Bo’s three-part series in the April, May and June 2008 issues of Dressage Today. To order back issues, call 301-977-3900.