Guide to Outdoor Power Equipment Safety

1. Know how to operate the equipment. Read the operator’s manual before using any power equipment. Know where the controls are and what they do. Follow safety instructions.

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2. Dress properly for the job. Wear long pants, close-fitting clothes, sturdy shoes, and safety glasses. Don’t wear anything that could get caught in moving parts (loose jewelry or clothing; be careful of long hair).

3. Handle gas carefully. Fill up before you start, while the engine is cold. Don’t spill when you fill. Store gas in an approved container in a cool ventilated area. Never smoke around gasoline.

4. Clear the area before you start. Pick up rocks, twigs, cans, golf balls, anything that could be thrown by mowing equipment.

5. Keep children and pets away from the area until you’re finished. Never allow children to operate a mower. And never carry children as passengers on a riding mower.

6. Operate equipment carefully and follow recommended procedures. Always turn off the engine and disconnect the spark plug wire before attempting to unclog or work on outdoor power equipment. When leaving equipment unattended, turn off the engine and remove key.

7. Keep hands and feet away from moving parts. Never work on equipment while it is running. Never remove or tamper with safety devices and labels…they’re provided to protect you and your family.

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