Prepare to Longe for Respect with Clinton Anderson

Get your horse ready to do Clinton Anderson's signature 'longeing for respect' exercise with these three prerequisite lessons.

In the December 2009 issue of Horse & Rider magazine, clinician Clinton Anderson and his student Renee Humphries demonstrate how to send your horse out onto a longeing circle, then turn and stop. These are the first steps in Clinton’s longeing for respect, an exercise that will boost your horse’s responsiveness and respectfulness. The groundwork prerequisites for longeing for respect are moving your horse’s hind end, moving his front end, and moving him out of your personal space. Review them here.

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Move Your Horse’s Hind End
Training your horse to disengage his hindquarters gives you full control of his engine.

Move Your Horse’s Front End
Yielding your horse’s forequarters gives you control of his direction and ups his respect for you as his leader.

Back Up Your Horse
Train your horse to back up and respect your personal space–to increase your safety on the ground.

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