Preserve Your Horse's Sports Medicine Boots

Check out these five tips on how to preserve your horse's sports medicine boots. Brought to you by Professional's Choice.

The way you use and care for your horse’s protective boots has a great impact on their longevity and your wallet. The list of tips outlined below will help you and your horse get the most wear out of your horse’s Sports Medicine Boots.

Boot covers will make cleaning your boots much easier.

1) Don’t expose boots to excessive sunlight. If you are drying your boots, that’s fine, but don’t leave boots in the sun if it’s not necessary. Overexposure to sunlight will cause Sports Medicine Boots to eventually fade over time.

2) Always brush the dirt out after use. Don’t let dirt and sweat build up in your boots and damage the fabric, or worse irritate your horse’s legs. After each use, brush the dirt off the inside of your boots or give them a quick spray with the hose if necessary.

3) Use Boot Covers on trail! There are lots of pesky burs and thorns that can tear up your boots on trail. They are particularly hard on the hook and loop closures by making them fray. So be sure to keep your boots protected with a pair of Boot Covers. This will make cleaning your boots much easier as well!

4) Hand wash boots. When it comes time to give your boots a thorough cleaning, make sure to hand wash them in cold water with a mild soap – even horse shampoo will work. Putting boots in the washing machine or using strong detergents is known to tear or break down the hook and loop closures.

5) Store boots with the insides open to the air. After use or after washing, don’t roll your boots up. It might make things look neater, but boots need to be exposed to air and allowed to dry thoroughly. This will help ensure that the neoprene stays in good condition.

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