Preventing Tack Theft

Protect your saddle and bridle from thieves with these simple precautions.

Tack is a big investment. In fact, next to your horse and your trailer, it may be the most valuable thing you store at the barn. So it only makes sense to take some simple steps to protect your property against theft. Here are a few to consider:

A tack room with a strong locks on the doors and windows can be sufficient deterrent for many thieves.

Install motion-sensor lights at your property and barn entrances to scare off intruders before they even get close to stealing. Position the lights so that they are visible from the house if they get tripped.

Get a dog. Barn dogs don’t have to be ferocious or even particularly large, just vocal and attentive to activity. Local humane societies are good places to start your search.

Invest in strong locks. A deadbolt lock may be enough of a deterrent for a potential intruder to move on and look for a softer target. Also be sure to secure windows.

Add an alarm system. For the highest level of security, consider a home alarm system adapted to work in a barn environment. Those tripped by motion might not be a good idea, given the activity of barn cats, but a system that sounds an alarm and alerts police when a door or window is breached can help stop a robbery in progress.

Mark your property. It may not keep your tack from being stolen, but putting your name on items using a permanent marker can help you recover them later. Be sure to alert local auctions and tack resellers immediately after the theft.

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