Product Review: SoulShine Horse Ware

I was first introduced to SoulShine Horse Ware at a trade show, visually drawn into its booth by the brilliant colors of its products. You can’t miss them! After speaking with designer and owner Nicole Kristmann, I learned that each piece was hand dyed and loomed by Mayan Indians in exchange for providing impoverished families with education, food and health care.

Nicole has established a positive working relationship with the Mayan population, helping to keep their ancient craft alive in an entirely new outlet. She even goes so far as to regularly travel through the jungles of these third world countries to work directly with the families and keep an eye on every shipment.

Then it hit me: How many other companies can say that their products are truly making a difference in the lives of those who buy AND produce them?

The patterns featured by SoulShine Horse Ware are unlike any others that I’ve seen before in the horse marketplace. Each item is different from the last, which makes these one-of-a-kind. Colors produced from organic dyes made with berries and vegetables are guaranteed to be colorfast.

Recently, I had an opportunity to try out a few of SoulShine’s products.

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The company’s Western saddle pad in multi-color is everything I’d want and then some. I particularly enjoy that it follows the contour of a horse’s back, creating a perfect fit and relief from wither pressure points. I also found the mesh, non-slip binding on the pad’s underside to be highly effective during extensive rides—it’s breathable and easy to hose off, too. This pad is extremely sturdy and comes in a variety of different patterns. You can even get custom ones!

Western Saddle Pad Multi Color | Photo © Bold Creative Media, LLC

Being primarily a Hunter/Jumper rider, I was extremely excited to try the company’s English pad in tobasco red. This, too, is curved along the horse’s back for a customized fit, which I prefer in a saddle pad. While George Morris may not approve of these non- traditional colors, I found them to be fun and refreshing without sacrificing style in the jumping arena. Gone are the days of hunter green and navy…hello SoulShine!

English Saddle Pad Tobasco Red | Photo © Bold Creative Media, LLC

When out on the trail, it’s always a good idea to pack the essentials: snacks, water, a cell phone and maybe some sunblock. No matter the need, SoulShine’s pommel bag in multi-color not only has plenty of room for storage, but is also incredibly easy to close and attach to the saddle by slipping over the horn. Plus I thought it coordinated quite well with the Western pad in the same pattern. 

I treat my horse to products of luxury and comfort; why not me, too? SoulShine Horse Ware also offers a variety of accessories for the rider or those on a smaller budget, including handbags. The model I have in multi-color is a mid-size bag with double circle handles that sit comfortably in the bend of my arm or shoulder. I’m in love with the contrast of the suede with the fabric. You won’t have to worry about a lack of compliments here!

Multi Color Western Pommel Bag | Photo © Bold Creative Media, LLC
Multi Color Medium Purse with Suede Trim | Photo © Bold Creative Media, LLC

So go ahead, check out SoulShine Horse Ware for yourself and get your color on, like me!

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