Products to Help You Spring into Riding

Lighted Hoof Pick

The battery-powered Illuminated Hoof Pick from MJ Equine Tools

Make it easy to clean your horse’s feet even during the dark days and early nights of winter: The battery-powered Illuminated Hoof Pick from MJ Equine Tools features an LED light not only lets you see what you’re doing, but also helps you better inspect your horse’s feet for cracks or punctures. The water-resistant hoof pick features a stainless-steel pick, a stiff nylon brush, and an easy-grip handle. Cost: $24.99.

Joint Supplement

Support your horse’s healthy joints with Reach Joint Supplement from Farnam. The palatable alfalfa-flavored pellets contain 5,000 milligrams of glucosamine along with 14.5 milligrams of chondroitin sulfate and 1,750 milligrams of MSM – three of the most popular joint care ingredients on the market. Vitamin C, an antioxidant, helps to remove damaging free radicals and maintain cartilage, connective tissue, and joint mobility. Comes in a 2.815-pound container, about a 45-day supply. Cost: 39.79.

Stall Mats

In the stall, EquineLite Mats help ease pressure on your horse’s joints and encourage circulation. In the trailer, the mats help decrease road stress and reduce the chance of slipping. Their light weight allows you to move and clean them easily. The durable, 13/8-inch-thick mats are made from multilayer, heavy-duty polymers, which resist staining and odors. Mats range in size from 4-by-4-feet to 4-by-12 feet; custom sizes also available. They come in black, blue, green, red, and brown. Cost: $3.50/square foot.

The Free Ride Western Safety Stirrup from Western Safety Stirrups

Safety Stirrup

Stay safe on the trail without sacrificing a Western look: The Free Ride Western Safety Stirrup from Western Safety Stirrups is designed to reduce your chances of catching a foot in the stirrup and being dragged if you unexpectedly part ways with your horse. A leather keeper hides the safety device ? a “peacock” with latigo release designed to break open if your boot gets caught. Made from an aluminum alloy heat-treated for strength and sandblasted for a uniform finish, the stirrup also features a wraparound, nonslip rubber foot cushion. Cost:$155.

Panic-Release Ring

A horse that panics while tied can cause grave injury to himself or others, particularly if he can’t get free. The Equi-Ping from Nunn Finer panic-release ring is designed to spring open if your horse pulls back sharply with force; the reusable ring attaches to any tying ring, whether on the trailer or around the barn. Available in pink, purple, blue, orange, green, and black. Cost: $10.95.