Rider Makeovers Add Style, Polish

These riders achieve a new look for their riding lives with makeovers from Chris Duggan of Equestrian Collection using new apparel from Ovation, Mountain Horse and other companies.

Everybody loves a makeover, right? Operating on that thought, the editors at EquiSearch and Everything For Horse & Rider, the shopping magazine for horse people, asked Chris Duggan of Equestrian Collections, the equestrian internet superstore, to put together some dream makeovers on real riders. Several riders from a Northern Virginia barn enthusiastically participated, with great results.

“The riders all asked for so little,” said Chris, “and our leading apparel manufacturers rose to the occasion and gave so much, sharing their enthusiasm for the great apparel that they bring to the equestrian marketplace.”

All the items in the following makeovers are available on Equestrian Collections.

Child’s Show Outfit Makeover

Subject: Jessica’s the quintessential pigtailed rider with an infectious smile and lots of charm. She learned to ride on a terrific older horse, and is now ready to compete on a pony in the fall. Pull-on jods, cotton show shirt and poly jacket were all ideal for her riding level, but she wanted to be able to abandon the pigtails for a more grown-up look and try an outfit that would let her show at some bigger shows.

Solution: English Riding Supply did the Cinderella transformation for us with its Ovation line of show apparel:

  • Ovation Kids Competition Jacket – $129.95
  • Ovation Kids Gold Circuit Side-Zip Breeches – $84.95
  • Ovation Kids Show Shirt – $39.95
  • Ovation Kids Gold Circuit Field Boots – $249.94
  • Ovation Kids Gold Circuit Gloves – $25.95
    Jessica’s smile will tell you what she thinks of the makeover. Her mom, however, is not so sure about her daughter growing up in front of her eyes!Winter Riding Makeover

    Subject: Julie’s a comeback kid! After a 30-year sabbatical, she is enjoying her childhood passion for riding once again. Julie loves her Mountain Horse Rimfrost boots for winter riding, but from boots on up, she has been resorting to cotton pull-ons and a regular windbreaker jacket. Cold wind and rain stop her from riding as long as she would like into the winter months. She likes to stay warm and hates being chilled to the bone.Solution: Equestrian Collections went to the winter riding experts–Mountain Horse–to get Julie geared up for winter riding:

    Mountain Horse Sarek Thermo Breeches – $116.95
    Mountain Horse Thermal Underwear Set – $35.95
    Mountain Horse Arctix Gloves – $28.95
    Mountain Horse Fleece Snuggler – $11.95
    Mountain Horse Solo Cap – $17.95
    Mountain Horse Contender Jacket – $179.95
    Mountain Horse Rimfrost Paddocks – $65.95

    Chris chose some wonderful high-performance layers that will wick away moisture from the skin, keeping Julie warmer and dryer. The Sarek Thermo Breeches block the wind and are waterproof–keeping out rain and sleet. The Contender jacket is a high-performance, fully featured riding jacket, with lots of vents and pockets. The Snuggler, Arctix Gloves, Rimfrosts and Solo Cap keep the head and extremities toasty warm.

    Schooling Makeover Subject: Stacey rides in regular street jeans or pull-on tights, T-shirt and longer shirt for cooler weather. Her Ariat Terrain boots are the only real riding attire she possesses. Consequently, Stacey experiences rubbing on the stirrup leathers, difficulty mounting in non-stretch jeans, sitting on the over-long shirt and catching loose clothing on branches out on the trail.

    “We wanted to give Stacey a smart schooling outfit that would take her out on the trail in comfort and style,” said Chris. She rides all year round, so technical fabrics to keep her comfortable in the heat and in the cooler weather was a must.

    Solution: Irideon provided some core pieces from their new line:

    Cadence Low Rise Knee Patch Breeches – $84.95
    Elan Clinic Vest – $69.95
    French Terry Zip Top – $59.95
    Radiance Riding Jersey – $39.95

    Stacey’s ready for anything now–the trails, a formal lesson or clinic!

    Schooling Makeover for a Young Rider Subject: Alex takes lessons twice a week and has just started leasing a horse. She is 10 years old and wants to show eventually. She rides in paddock look-alikes, or tall fashion boots, T-shirt and pull-on jods. This young rider is excited about leasing a horse and wanted to look “really pretty” for her lessons.

    “We wanted to upgrade all her schooling clothing, so that she could eventually easily transition into some show clothing,” said Chris.

    Solution: Ariat produced a great transition outfit for Alex:

    Ariat Sport Jodhpur for Youth – $79.95
    Ariat Heritage II Zip Paddock – $99.95
    Ariat All Around Half Chaps – $45.50 (Not shown)
    Ariat Pony Princess T-Shirt – $22.95

    The jods and paddocks will take her from schooling to show ring, the half-chaps (which arrived after the photo shoot) will be ideal for lessons, and the Pony Princess top is just, well, pretty!
    Want a rider makeover? If you’re interested in participating, send an email to everythinghr@equinetwork.com. For more rider makeovers, check out Everything For Horse & Rider, the shopping magazine for horse people.

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