Secure Bridle Reins for Longeing, In-Hand Work

This quick, simple technique keeps your horse's reins safely out of the way for longeing or other work in hand.

| Photo by Mandy Lorraine

It takes only a few moments to ensure that your horse’s reins won’t become a problem when you’re working with him from the ground.

  1. Begin by putting them over his neck as if you’re going to ride him.
  2. Unbuckle the throatlatch of the bridle.
  3. Pick the reins up under his throat, wrap them around and around each other until they’re twisted fairly tight, pass the throatlatch through one rein, and buckle it.
  4. With the bridle reins high on the bit, where they can’t interfere, you can attach side reins (if you are using them) below them.

Excerpted from “Create a Good Longe Partner” in the February 1997 issue of Practical Horseman. For tips on how groundwork can sharpen your horse’s performance over fences, see Aaron Vale’s “Tighten Up Those Jump Turns!” in the July 2005 issue.

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