Shedding Mania

Here are some tips for managing your horse's spring coat

Here are some tips for managing your horse’s spring coat

1) Get out the curry comb, not the clippers! While it may be tempting to clip off that winter mess, you can inhibit a horse’s natural shedding process if you clip too late in the spring.

2) Proper shedding works best using a four-step process:
a. Loosen hairs with a curry or a grooming mitt, curry comb, a pumice stone or a fiberglass block such as “slick and easy” or a regular grill brick.
b. Use a shedding blade on the hairier areas such as the belly. Use it gently, though because it can be harsh for some horses.
c. Follow with a stiff body brush from head to toe.
d. Finish with a soft brush and a towel-off.

3) Do a little shedding out each day, rather than a lot all at once.

Even though days might be warm, you might need to blanket your horse at night to compensate for spring’s temperature fluctuations.

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