Click 'n Learn: Shoulders Up with Karen Qualls

Is your horse a heavy-on-the-forehand jogger? Use this exercise to lift his shoulders and restore his rear-end drive.

In the September ’09 issue of Horse & Rider, world-winning trainer Karen Qualls explains an exercise designed to help you get your horse’s shoulders up–so he can rebalance his weight over his rear end for better drive, and deliver a slower jog.

Here, an amateur competitor who rides with Karen demonstrates the exercise in a frame-by-frame photo sequence. She jogs a straight line, stops and backs her horse with his poll up, pivots on the hindquarters, then immediately resumes the jog on her rebalanced horse.

Press the button on the left to play the sequence automatically all the way through at the speed of your choosing, or use the individual buttons on the right to proceed one image at a time.

[flipbook speed=”400″ coverurl=”/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/shoulders_up_karen_qualls.jpg”]

Karen Qualls


— Photos by Cappy Jackson

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