Slide Show: Reiner With No Trainer

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When Californian Courtney Boesch stepped up and won the amateur reining class on Northwest Whiz at the AQHA World Show last November, we did a double take. It was the then 27-year-old”s fist time competing at the American Quarter Horse Association”s premier event, plus she”d prevailed in this super-tough venue without a trainer.

Yeah, we know. Wow!

Many factors made her extraordinary achievement possible, among them her own inborn talent and the rich experience of her youth, which included successful trips to the AQHA”s Youth World Show. She was also riding an excellent horse, one that made the finals of the 2007 National Reining Horse Association Futurity with superstar Todd Bergen.

Still, when we asked her to name the most important factor in her World Show win, she said it was “probably the connection I have with this horse.” It”s a connection that seemed almost fated from the start, when she spotted the gelding

for sale online and traveled 1,000 miles to try him.

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