Slow Feeder

Your horse is a grazing animal with a digestive system evolved to process food in small portions up to 16 hours per day — conditions often hard to replicate when you’re on the road. High Country Plastics’ Slow Feeder Saver is designed to give your horse a healthy, natural eating experience, even when confined to a stall or pen.

The five-piece design features a steel feeding grate over a rectangular plastic container with round, smooth edges and an all-plastic bottom. The feeder holds a whole day’s supply of hay, and the metal grill slides out smoothly for easy loading and cleaning.

Small grate holes force your horse to take small bites and therefore eat more slowly, preventing him from wasting feed by either consuming it too quickly or spreading it out on the ground. Slow eating also keeps him occupied longer than normal, reducing boredom and related negative behaviors.

This feeder places your horse in a natural feeding position, as well, and the solid bottom keeps feed off the ground, reducing colic risk.

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