Special Report: Keep on Hauling


July 15, 2008

It’s summer at last, and you’re ready to trailer your horses across the country to the big rodeos and ride the unknown trail. But wait…can you afford the skyrocketing gas prices?

Unfortunately, today’s fuel costs are frightening, but in our latest special report, we’ll give you the facts that will help keep you in the saddle all season long.

“Keep on Hauling”-courtesy of Horse Media Group and reported by MyHorse.com’s contributing editor Lauren Anne Back-goes straight to the source (you!) to see how exploding fuel prices are hitting home. We’ll answer your questions about why gas and diesel prices keep going up, give you essential fuel-saving tips, and show you the simple math to calculate your diesel and gas mileage. Also, be sure check out our valuable truck chart-compared to others, yours might be a gas guzzler.

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