Special Report: Your Dream-Barn Planning Guide

Horse owners can use this 17-page pdf document to consider all aspects of planning and building the perfect barn for you and your horses from the ground on up to the finishing touches to create the best equine facility. Brought to you free of charge from Wick Buildings and Horse Media Group.

You’re ready to build your dream barn, the perfect equine facility. You essentially know want you want, but there are a myriad of details to consider when building functional horse housing.

These details include site selection; water-runoff considerations; barn materials; interior design; exterior design; stall doors; stall size; window placement; feed/tack/tool storage; stay-cool features; stay-warm features; traffic flow; and ease of stall cleaning, to name just a few.

Barn-building help is at hand! “Your Dream Barn Planning Guide”-courtesy of Horse Media Group and Wick Buildings, and expertly researched and written by top equine journalist Maureen Gallatin-gives you the tools to assess your barn wants and needs, then covers barn-building basics from the big picture to the smallest details.

The heart of this online planning guide is worksheet section. This tool will help you to clarify your thinking, set priorities, and turn your dream into reality. So grab a pencil and click on the link below to download the free PDF document and get started!

Click here to download your free PDF document

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