The 2007 100-Day Stallion Performance Test

Get complete results from the 2007 100-Day Stallion Performance Test, learn about the scoring system and get bloodline information.

In most warmblood breed registries, after passing an initial in-hand inspection, a stallion is required to prove his performance potential before being approved for breeding. The 100-Day Stallion Performance Test was developed as an efficient way to obtain information on a stallion’s performance potential early in his career, when he can still have a significant impact on the breeding program. In the stallion performance test the horses are placed in training with the testing director for 100 days of training and evaluation. At the end of that period, during the final test, a group of outside experts scores the stallions.

The overall test champion was Wamberto, a Dutch Warmblood stallion owned by Harmony Sporthorses and bred by L. Heida. | Photo by Bob Tarr

A stallion test was originally scheduled for 2006, but was postponed due to the lack of a sufficient number of stallions. The 2007 100-Day test was managed jointly by Ekkehard Brysch of the ISR/Oldenburg N.A. and Hugh Bellis-Jones of the American Hanoverian Society (AHS). It was held at Paxton Farms in Ohio. The training director was Helmut Schrant, a stallion manager who has been active in stallion testing since 1990.

The final testing was held November 8-11, 2007, and the expert judges were Gerd Zuther, an AHS Mare and Stallion Committee judge and training director of the November Hill Farm stallion performance test from 1987 to 1995; Cord Wassmann, president of the German Hanoverian stallion licensing commission; and Dieter Felgendreher, Kentucky trainer, ISR/Oldenburg Inspection committee member and training director for the 1994 stallion performance test at the Kentucky Horse Park.

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2007 100-Day Stallion Performance Test Results

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