The Royal Mews - The Royal Carriages

The Royal Mews is home to the many carriages that are used in the ceremonial and everyday life of the Royal Household.

The visitor enters the quadrangle of the Mews by the southeast corner. The east wall consists of a row of coach houses, outside which are displayed the Royal carriages.

The beautiful carriages range from the Scottish State Coach, built in 1833, to the newest of the State Carriages, the Australian State Coach, which was presented to Her Majesty as a Bi-Centennial gift from the people of Australia in 1988.

All of the carriages on display in the Royal Mews are working carriages, not just museum pieces. To keep them in mint condition, the Royal Mews employs expert craftsmen and women to repair and rebuild as necessary.

In addition to the collection of carriages, the Royal Mews houses collection of ornate livery and harness through the ages. Costumed attendants explain to visitors what they are looking at, and provide amusing stories connected with some of the pieces.

Photograph ? Jayne Pedigo,

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