The Royal Mews - The Stables

For horse-loving visitors to the Royal Mews like myself, the highlight of the trip is a visit to the stables.

The Royal Mews is home to the Windsor Greys and Cleveland Bays of the Royal Household, while they are in London.

It’s like stepping back in time as you enter the stable, with its rows of standing stalls and contentedly munching horses. Grooms move quietly around the horses, obviously experienced horsemen, and ready and willing to answer questions about their charges.

Above each stall is a plaque with the horse’s name and his year of birth and I was surprised to notice the number of horses in their twenties that still serve in the Royal Household.

In addition to the standing stalls, there were loose-boxes to which visitors do not have access. These are used to house young horses, privately owned horses and others.

Photograph ? Jayne Pedigo

During the quiet months of the year, when there aren’t many official duties, the horses are taken to Hampton Court, or one of the other royal residences, for a vacation. They get plenty of turnout and free time before returning to London to resume their duties.

Photograph ? Jayne Pedigo

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