Videos: Tommy Garland's Training Ball

Check out these videos to gain insight on Tommy Garland's unusual, but useful, training ball technique in action.

Known as a top trainer of Arabian show horses, Tommy Garland also gives clinics that include his demonstration of using a giant, air-filled ball to work a horse. The concept is particularly effective in helping desensitize a spooky horse.

Training ball from the saddle:

Video by Tommy Garland Horsemanship

For more information on this topic, see “Having a Ball” in Horse & Rider’s April 2010 issue, for a true success story of how Tommy’s training-ball techniques helped the scared, nervous mare, Jeweliette, become a reserve national champion.

BONUS! Watch Tommy Garland and Jeweliette carry the Canadian flag at the 2009 U.S. National Arabian and Half Arabian Championships.

Video courtesy of Natalie Hunt

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