Six Steps to a Turn on the Forehand

Introduce your horse to lateral work using a turn on the forehand.

A turn on the forehand is a useful exercise in introducing the horse to the concept of yielding to the leg. Follow the steps below to ride a turn on the forehand.

1. At the walk, track to the left parallel to the long wall on the second track.

2. At B, ask your horse to halt. You will be using the wall as a boundary to help your horse understand this new exercise.

3. Make sure your weight is equal in both stirrups and you are sitting in an upright and correct position.

4. Ask for a slight flexion to the right with your right rein. If you have previously ridden a leg yield, the amount of flexion is similar.

5. Keep your left rein steady on your horse’s neck. Sit square. Use your right calf on your horse’s right side to ask him to move away from that leg and cross his hind legs toward the middle of the ring. Your left leg stays passive–soft and inviting.

6. While continuing to use your leg, half halt with your left rein so the horse understands that he is to cross his legs, not walk forward.

You should now feel that you horse is more responsive to your leg and his connection has improved.

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