Video: Introduction to Laminitis from the Animal Health Foundation

Does your horse have laminitis or founder? Would you like to prevent the disease? Are you concerned about the dangers of insulin resistance, obesity, over-grazing and hoof condition changes? Have you been told your horse is at risk for laminitis?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this educational video series on founder and laminitis could save your horse’s life. Five concise, free, non-commercial videos from the non-profit Animal Health Foundation offer the latest practical and scientific information to help you help your horse avoid or overcome laminitis in its many forms. Your host: Donald Walsh, DVM, founder of the Animal Health Foundation and a practicing veterinarian who specializes in laminitis and founder.

For more information about laminitis and founder, as well as additional videos in the laminitis and founder series, check out the Animal Health Foundation website.

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