Webinar: The 5-Day Show-Grooming Plan from Professional Equine Grooms Founder Liv Gude

During the hour-long presentation, Liv will discuss everything you need to know about preparing your horse for competition. She breaks down a five-day grooming plan, starting two days before with a deep cleaning for the big day. Liv then explains how to get a world-class look on show day. She finishes her presentation with a post-event routine that includes therapeutic treatments for your horse, as well as tricks for washing your horse’s mane to get those “Elvis curls” out from braids. Liv is the founder of Professional Equine Grooms, an organization that seeks to inform and educate the horse world about professional horse grooming while providing ample resources for grooms. Liv began grooming professionally in 2006 and has ridden in a variety of disciplines, including hunters, jumpers, cutting, reining and dressage.

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