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Hello everyone!

Competing at an IDA Show in the spring of my freshman year

As you may have guessed by the title of this new blog, I am a college equestrian! It was always my dream to go to a school that would help me pursue my unrelenting passion for riding…and here I am.

Before I launch into telling you all about my college equestrian experience, I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Emma Miller, I am 20 years old (spring chicken, I know) and have just started my senior year here at my school. A spring chicken in her senior year of college?! Well, yes. I am in fact in my 3rd year, but will be graduating a full year early. The reasons for which I will go into in a later blog post!

I decided on my current school for some very specific and unique reasons. I also decided on it fairly quickly and surely. The ultimate deciding factor was the bachelor’s degree I had my heart set on: Equine Journalism.

“Is that a legitimate major? What is that? What will you do with that?” Just a few questions I get regularly after stating my area of study. It is certainly legit, created by my adviser here at school. It’s a fairly new program, combining journalism and equine studies. Some of my goals are to use the skills I’ve acquired for the equine industry in online writing, utilizing social media, traveling to cover major equine events, and conducting interviews.

Beyond being in this program on campus, I take bi-weekly equitation classes and compete on my school’s IDA Dressage team. This year, I am also a staff member for my campus newspaper, responsible for covering the equestrian beat.

Trail riding at Fair Hill, MD over last year’s Thanksgiving break

In this blog, I’ll be talking about crossing the bridge from being a horse-crazy little girl to becoming an equine professional (although still a horse-crazy little girl at heart, let me know if you’re one of those who never grew up either!).

I want to give you an inside look at the life of an equine student on campus: the fun, the exciting, and even the not so fun parts. The college traditions. The relationships I have built. The school work. The papers. The day-in, day-out. Because this is a lifestyle blog, I will also include aspects of my life besides riding here at school, including bodybuilding, health, friends, and good ole campus living. I’ll even share my favorite equestrian products and riding gear, all very practical, comfortable, and affordable things. I am a college student after all.

Whether you are a young horseman or horsewoman looking forward to attending a college with equestrian programs, or anyone else wanting to know what this experience is like, I hope you follow along with me!

Talk to you soon!

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