Will Coleman: Big Finish in the U.K.

Olympic eventing team member Will Coleman gives an update on the final preparations for both the Olympic eventing team members and their mounts.

July 23, 2012–Hell of a final week here in the Cotswolds. Finally got some sunshine, which was just special. Now, basking in the rays, we also ramped up the intensity of the final workouts for both horse and rider. For me and the squad, we continued our daily fitness regimen, and I think we’re all feeling pretty trim. For the horses, lots of dressage, a good couple gallops and a great final jump school yesterday have all us feeling prepared and ready to head to the venue. My horse does look as good as I have ever seen him. The condition he is carrying, his weight and muscle, and his spirit seem as healthy as I can ever recall. We will set off to Greenwich in good order and hopefully stay that way.

Will Coleman and Boyd Martin show their ‘game faces’ as they prepare for the Olympic eventing competition. | Photo courtesy Will Coleman

It’s been a good final week of socializing as well. Our gracious hosts here at Lavender Hill, Eddie and Deb, hosted an incredible barbeque with some of the dressage riders from Canada, as well as some eventing legends from the area. Adam and his wife, Caroline, our gracious landlords in Winchcombe whose cottage Boyd (Martin), (Will) Faudree, Clark (Montgomery), Phillip (Dutton) and I all live in, met us for a couple final pints at our favorite pub, The Sun. I have to say Adam and Caroline are some cool cats, and I think we will all miss them greatly after sharing many good dinners and laughs with them in town. All in all, what an incredible trip. I can’t imagine being in a more beautiful place, with better people, for the last five weeks and I truly feel so fortunate to have been part of it all.

The real work is yet to be done though, and now all focus will be on this team and my horse. We have been here in England five weeks, but I have been waiting for this my entire life. Thanks again to everyone, and for those of you that won’t be here to see it, stay tuned. Otherwise, we will see you all back in the homeland, hopefully to celebrate.

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