Wound-Care Refresher Course

Kelsey’s wound appears to be healing well.? We’ll see for sure when Dr. Eileen (my sister and my vet) returns from the AKC National Dog Agility Championships, where she and her Black Labrador Dixie were competing, and looks at the wound?for me. I?was concerned about caring for an injury of this size again. It’s been a?long time since my last experience (feels like a confession). When you work?everyday?with a large number of horses, as I did at the Thoroughbred rehab clinic many?years ago, you pretty much have a constant stream of one problem or another to tackle.?Your skills are constantly improving.?But when you have a couple of sweet, quiet “low-octane” horses kept in proper fencing and good care, you can often go a long time between accidents. Thank God! Anyway, I’m happy to report that wrapping a leg must be a lot like riding bike. You never really forget.My standing bandages came out beautifully, stayed in place and got the job done. We used furacin on the wound the first several days, placing a Telfa nonstick pad directly over the wound, and then?wrapping in a standing bandage. We kept her in the barn the first 24 hours, then realized she’d be quieter in the paddock with her two friends, leg wrapped. The horses?can’t get out into the big field until the barn is finished, as we need to do some refencing.?For this particular problem, that worked out well since they’re confined to a small space, limiting their games. As the wound began to heal,?we could see the edges of the skin”Beginning to adhere in a healthy manner, so we switched to AluShield (it’s available at a number of horse-supply companies online). This is an aerosol bandage from Neogen Corp. You spray it on lightly, and it forms a protective covering that keeps out moisture, bugs and dirt. It’s working brilliantly, as I believe the wound looks much better and (fingers crossed) I don’t see any proud flesh. We clean the area every day, then re-spray. Kelsey doesn’t mind the procedure, and she loves the extra treats while it’s going on, so everyone is happy.