And They Packed

Saturday was packing day at the barn.

Jenn pulled the trailer around and we started making piles. ?We made piles for each vet check (Robinson Flat, Michigan Bluff, Foresthill and the finish) and started heaping up what we’d need. ?Ziploc bags of grain and dehydrated hay cubes. ?Coolers for Robinson (early and sometimes cool) and the finish (when they are bone tired). ?Electrolyte syringes. ?Buckets, buckets and more buckets. ?Spare Easyboots. ?Spare tack (just in case something breaks we can rob for parts). ?Chairs for our crew. ?Stethoscopes to take heart rates. ?Minor horse wound care (we can only really use Desitin and Vaseline, anything needing more care would need to be seen by a vet). ?Mane detangler to keep the girth area slick and, with any luck, prevent galls. ?Hay. ?Collapsible carts to haul all this stuff.

It’s an epoch undertaking. ?And I haven’t even outlined the packing that we do for ourselves. ?Oy.

But it’s all in the trailer and we’re ready to go.

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