Headed up the Hill

After spending hours and hours packing (I think perhaps I’m a little OCD in this area), I’m about to leave to head up the hill. My brand new MINI is packed to the gills.

this vehicle is not really Tevis-rated

Meeting Jenn at the Auburn Fairgrounds with Stella this afternoon. Her husband Barry will join us later with their RV and we’ll head to the start at Robie Equestrian Campground (outside Truckee) tomorrow morning.

I love being in Auburn, of course, but I’m a bundle of nerves this week. Hoping I’ll find some peace up there, if only for a few hours.

I’m not sure if I’m more nervous this year than others…I think doing Tevis is a bit like giving birth. You forget the uncomfortable bits in the reflection of what an adventure it all was.

Stoner is the bomb – I finally rode him (weather has been tricky up there) on Tuesday this week and was completely comfortable on him within 10 minutes. Nice nice pony.

And Rusty and Kevin are totally relaxed, so I’m not stressed about the horse (although they do have this amazingly elaborate electrolyte procedure that I really hope I don’t mess up) and clearly I’ve done the trail before.

Who knows?

At any rate, here goes!

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