It's Going to Be a White Tevis

It’s been raining here in Auburn now for two days.? There’s still snow falling at the higher elevations – Robie Park in particular is seeing it come down – this image shows the road in.? Pretty.? Pretty scary.

We’re working on what to do, contingency planning and changing how we’ll stage our crew and equipment.? Originally we’d planned to take truck, trailer and motorhome into Robie early tomorrow.? Now it looks like a very bad idea to take the motorhome in, so we may delay our trip up until the latest moment (and still make the vet check) and just take the truck and trailer up Friday.? It’s not a live-aboard, so that means some rough camping…

And remember that the Tevis trail takes us up and over High Camp at Squaw.? The snow report indicates an accumulation of 22 inches of snow at that elevation.


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