Picking a Place

Wait a Little was, for all intents and purposes, always our destination of choice for horse safari. Some good friends had been several times and it was their adventures at Wait a Little that planted the seed in us to begin with. ?So while I won’t say it was a shoe in – we did do our due diligence – it was not a long shot.

the grounds are lovely

I would describe Wait A Little as a somewhat opulent safari. ?Our lodgings are large, well-appointed tents on built up platforms. ?Bathrooms are open air, but well constructed for privacy and convenience. ?The main buildings are decorated beautifully and the meals have been spectacular.

Wait a Little’s claim to fame, their ‘point of difference’ as we say in the land of marketing, is that they will seek out lion on horseback. ?We were both excited and terrified by that, so we plunked down the cash.

The horses are as excellent as they appear to be on the resort’s website, as well. ?A mix of breeds (quite a bit of Boerperd, an indigenous breed originally descended from Arabian, Barb, Andalusian and Isabella blood), sizes, colors and temperaments provides flexibility for riders of all sizes. ?Not of all experience, however.

A primary reason I preferred Wait a Little was their requirement that guests be able to ride and ride well. ?At speed, over uneven ground and small obstacles. ?Mounting unassisted from the ground as well. ?I suppose I am an elitist, but I didn’t want to spend a wad of money and vacation only to be held to the pace of an inexperienced, insecure rider.

So, in summary, I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of doing a vacation of this sort that they consider Wait a Little. ?And, to be honest, if you haven’t been thinking of doing this kind of vacation, you really ought to.

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