So, it’s definitely not the most direct route to Tevis, but certainly one of the more interesting.

Last fall a crazy idea was born. ?It started with just one or two friends, getting each other excited over a wild hair. ?Then a couple of more friends piled on. ?Schedules were coordinated. ?Emails were sent. ?Reservations were made. ?And then money was plunked down, and it became real.

Now, at this moment, I find myself relaxing beside a fountain-fed swimming pool in the back forty of South Africa. ?Sitting nearby are four of my dearest friends.

Horsey friends; Jennifer Rader, Ute Frey, Madeleine Kirsch, me, Lila Abdul-Rahim

This morning we rode out on five wonderful horses (my friends are all accomplished riders) into the bush. ?We saw impala, monkeys, jackal, goshawk, toucan, nyala, giraffe, wildebeest and (the coup de grace) elephant.

After this lovely pool interlude, we’ll get back into our riding togs and head out for a late afternoon/early evening ride to see what else we can find. ?Our guide thinks there may be rhino and cheetah nearby.

More to come…