Sivet it is!

Due to too? much snow (which is how we got here in the first place, let me remind you) we are going to break with tradition and ride the Tevis backward.? Well, not completely.

Ride organizers announced today that the ride will take a different course this year, due to inaccessible trail.? We’ll be starting from Auburn (the usual finish), riding a loop off of the Western States Trail out to Cool and then returning to the trail to ford the American River at Poverty Bar and head on up?into Foresthill.? From Foresthill we’ll ride another new loop and then head back down?(now going in the ‘right’ direction)?Western States to Auburn.

All I can say is that I”m terribly happy the ride is going to happen.? I”ve ridden some of this new trail? during other endurance rides (the American River 50 goes to Cool, for example) and some of it I have never seen to?my knowledge (I’ve been surprised before to recognize trail I didn’t think I would).?? But we’re going to do the ride, albeit somewhat backward.? Yipeee!

Details will be revealed tomorrow, but I did also find out that we’ll start when the sun is up because the organizers lack the manpower to glow stick the new start for us.? That, too, is a gift.? Truly.

Wish us all luck and stay tuned for further developments!

(And I must give credit to Jenn for coming up with?’Sevit’.)

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