Sunday's Ride

Jenn and I took the ponies out for one more at-home spin on Sunday.?? We covered about ten miles (a ‘shortie’) in Las Posadas up in Napa as planned.? Bear and Stella were great.?

Stella was back to her usual level-headed self (after a wenchy episode on Tuesday) and powered up the last hill, dragging Bear in her wake.? She’s really looking like the race horse she was bred to be and her short little tail (she scratched it out after a pest infestation earlier this year) seems to accentuate her track-ready appearance.

Bear was eager but relaxed, I didn’t need any big brakes.? We kept them to the trot as we had not glued any boots on.? They were a little chafed at that idea but generally complied.? It was a little humid and they both broke nice easy sweats and drank well at the last water we went by.? Good ride.

Back at Tamber Bey there was copious hosing of horses and tack and anything else that looked like it needed it.? We got started loading the trailer,?Jenn is continuing to pack it this week.

Our plan is to haul?up on Wednesday to Auburn…

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