Time Again

Here we are. 2014.

‘The plan’ is to try for it again. You probably could have guessed. We had an awfully good time last time.

So the official training has begun. The mares were never truly unfit since the ride last year. They had several months off in huge grassy pastures, but as soon as we pulled them out to start riding again they were on their meddle.


We’ve done a few limited distance (25-30 miles) rides and a couple of fast (in the desert) 50s over the last couple of months. Then the rain showed up – finally! – here in Northern California. Later this month we’re headed to the first truly Tevis-prep race, the American River 50. It’s a ride that actually covers some Tevis trail, beautiful and highly technical.

Last weekend we did some excellent conditioning on good ole’ Mt. Diablo. Here’s a shot of Stella and me, demonstrating how beautiful spring can be on the mountain. The poppies are simply spectacular right now.

Stay tuned for more in the 2015 journey to the Tevis Cup!

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