Five Great American Horse Events for Spectators–Must Sees

Horse racing is one of the most ancient past-times, dating back to some of the earliest civilizations of man. The types of racing we are most familiar with today, steeple chasing (which involves hurdles) and flat racing (which requires speed and stamina over a flat track), hail to aristocratic and royal British society. There are other types of equestrian events and competitions modern spectators can enjoy, including eventing competitions, show jumping, dressage and hunter / jumper shows, many of which are held in awesome locations.

Thoroughbred racing. Photo TOBA

What was once referred to as the “Sport of Kings” is now accessible, in all of its majesty, to people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Whether compelled to attend by one’s affinity for horses, an undeniable propensity for placing a good bet, or love for couture hats–join Equitrekking on a chase, a hunt, for the best horse competitions for spectators in America today!

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