Five Steps to Horse Ownership

1. Choose a Horse — Decide what your main reasons are for owning a horse and what type of riding discipline you feel will most suit your interests. From there, narrow down your choice of horse breeds based on the common disciplines and activities that horse is well suited to perform. You can use our Interactive Horse Selector tool (edit out until we have this) to find what breeds would most suit your needs. — Once you have chosen a breed, visit to find your dream horse. You can search by breed, discipline, age, location, and a host of other choices to narrow down your search.

2. Visit a stable or barn — Visit a stable or barn to discuss your wants and needs with horse experts and long time owners. Test ride the breed you wish to purchase, and compare prices between different horses. We also recommend doing a vet check on the horse you are interested in purchasing to be you’re getting a sound horse.

3. Learn all you can — Learning everything you can about horses will help you when it’s time to purchase your first horse. Health care, riding tips, and where to get instruction are just a few of the topics just a click away at Discover Horses.

4. Calculate the costs of ownership — Owning a horse may not be as expensive as you think. There are many ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality tack and care for your horse. We are here to help you navigate through the process of new horse ownership! Check out our horse ownership comparison guide for more information.

5. Get out and ride — The best part to owning a horse is getting to ride your horse. Whether you’re looking for a great trail to explore, or ready to challenge yourself and your horse at a local show or event, we’re here to help. Check out our horse events calendar for shows and competitions in your area.

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