Never Too Young to Make a Difference

If you think someone as young as 13 years old could never make a difference, let me convince you otherwise. For a long while, I felt like I was too young, too small and too insignificant to make something happen until one day my eyes were opened. I was browsing on Facebook, like most teens do, and stumbled across a page called Cloud the Stallion. It was a page about a mustang stallion and his herd in Southern Montana/Northern Wyoming. The majesty of these wild horses truly moved me. Their plight really made me think.

After that day, it was just sign after sign that Someone above wanted me to protect man?s true best friend. I learned about horse slaughter and the horse industry, along with more about the wild herds. I spoke about it in speech competitions and was very determined to make a change. I soon discovered The Unwanted Horse Coalition and Operation Gelding. I knew this was what the signs were pointing to! I had FINALLY found something that I could do to help!

I convinced my Silver Saddle 4H Club to support having an Operation Gelding. We put together everything in just a couple of months? time. We found a wonderful veterinarian who volunteered his time, staff and clinic for the ?event.? We advertised and of course, put it on Facebook! I wanted to fill every spot that the Unwanted Horse Coalition had given us. In 2010, we gelded 20 stallions and I was very proud of that. This year [I’m 14 now!] on September 19, 2011 we gelded another 18 stallions. It’s interesting to see the stallions we get. We have had rescued stallions as old as 13 years that were starving at the hands of owners who didn’t care, a 9 year old draft horse, lots of weanlings, yearlings and even miniature donkeys!

Some people recycle and others volunteer at soup kitchens, but as for me, I work to protect the beautiful animals that give so much love and deserve the world. I can’t wait until 2012?s Operation Gelding. We’re going to find 20 more stallions and take them out of the dating scene!

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