Rescue Me: Sox for Horses, Inc. Walks the Talk

July 25, 2012Earlier this spring, American Horse Publications (AHP) conducted its second online nationwide equine industry survey. The objectives were to gauge participation trends and management practices in the U.S., identify critical issues facing the industry as perceived by those who own or manage horses, and better understand issues pertaining to health and nutrition.

Summer Sox for Horses

Participants were asked to anonymously identify the top three issues facing the equine industry.??Nearly 56% of respondents indicated that the problem of unwanted horses (and what to do with them) as at or near the top, followed by the cost of horsekeeping (47.1%), and overbreeding (37.3%).

?Rescue me and take me in your arms,? says Ray Petterson, president of Sox for Horses, Inc., makers of Summer Whinnys? socks for horses.??The incomparable Aretha Franklin, he adds, couldn?t have said it better for the animals in need of people to step up and give them a home:???Cause I’m lonely and I’m blue. I need you and your love too.?

So many people can no longer afford feed or vet bills, farrier bills, or stabling costs and, as a result, he observes, animals once loved and cared for are being disenfranchised just as their owners were from their jobs or homes.

So what can someone do about it???Adopt or give generously to those who have made it their life?s mission to rescue and re-home animals. Petterson took in a pregnant donkey:???It wasn?t in my plan but she didn’t have many options and, until she does, she and her foal will live here.??Maybe I will never part with her. A rescue animal like this has a lot to teach you about life and love.??I guess I was ready for another lesson.?

Working with an adopted animal whose history is filled with blank spaces can be a challenge and the best rescue groups will match you with an equine or dog or cat that will fit your experience and budget.??They want animals to go to ?forever? homes so they want to make good matches.??Also, consider learning new training skills such as Clicker Training, which utilizes a gentle, non-resistance method to restore a traumatized animal to trust, and willingness to become your partner.

?Many rescue animals have had excessive and abusive force used against them and Clicker Training is far removed from negative associations.??In only a few minutes of time each day, you can watch an animal let go of its past and open up to you,? he says.

Sox For Horses, Inc. makes Summer Whinnys and Whinny Warmers and supports the efforts of numerous rescue groups.??They also take returned socks and donate them to rescue groups.???It’s a call to arms.??Equine and pet supply stores would win hearts if they donated returned products to rescue groups for fund raising or for the direct benefit of animals. I don’t see many returns.??I have a 30-day money back guarantee.??Our socks are working on a lot of horses worldwide, but those few that are returned are going to good homes working for horses that would never have otherwise had them.?

Sox For Horses, Inc., and their lines of summer and winter horse socks are Made In America.? Have a question? Feel free to call (850) 907-5724 and discuss how socks can help your horse. For more information, visit?

About Summer Whinnys?

Summer Whinnys allow freer motion of the fetlock/pastern and stay in place from morning until night with a comfortable, and safe level of light compression on the leg. Functionality and performance make Summer Whinnys the solution for protecting legs from biting flies for multiple summers.

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