Ten Questions to Ask a Stable Owner

This quiz will help you find a boarding stable that is right for you and your horse.

Peace of mind is an important factor when choosing a boarding stable for your horse. Although each horse owner appreciates different things, most agree that the safety, security, and health of their horses provide the comfort level sought in a boarding stable. Following is a brief series of questions to help you identify a boarding stable that is right for you. The point assignments can be changed according to your personal preferences. Other categories may be added as you refine your search.


1. What types of insurance does the facility have?

2. What types of insurance do I have to provide?

Score 2 points if the owner has a current commercial general liability policy covering the stable’s activities. Score an additional 2 if the owner requires you to carry a mortality and theft policy and insurance on your personal property. This indicates the owner understands his responsibilities as well as yours.

Safety and Security

3. Do you do background checks on employees? 2 points.

4. Is a responsible person on the premises 24-7-365? 3 points.

5. What safety procedures are in place (emergency telephone numbers, first aid kit, fire extinguishers, mandatory hard hats)? 5 points

6. Is the local fire department trained to handle horses in emergencies? 5 points

Equine Health

7. Do you require Coggins tests, health certificates, and annual vaccinations for boarders and visitors? 3 points

8. Is there an equine veterinarian within a 1/2-hour drive? 2 points

9. Is there a 24-hour equine surgical facility within 1 hour drive of the stable? 2 hours? 5 points for 1 hour, 3 points for 2 hours.

10. Do you have isolation and transportation procedures for sick or injured horses? 5 points


30-34 points: Excellent. The facility has very high safety standards and understands equine risk management. 27-33 points: Very Good. The facility is very good and covers the major points addequately. 23-26 points: Average. The facility is middle of the road. Most areas are adequate, but some need improvement. Under 23 Poor. Major improvements are needed.

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