United in Light Draft Horse Rescue

United in Light is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that?visits auctions and consider requests from individuals needing to find?homes for their horses, or from individuals who have found a situation where a draft horse needs rescuing. The organization is funded by?donations and grants.

The Vision:
There are acres of land created to retire all mature draft horse breeds that have been rescued from an untimely death. They are rehabilitated to their optimal health and allowed to live in a herd family of other draft horses throughout the rest of their lives. If they choose, they are able to heal their hearts with humans, as humans also make the choice to heal with these horses. United In Light, Inc. educates the public on the lives of draft horses and of the unique lifestyle that is lived here on this land.

The Creed:
United we bond with light,
Sending it to all Nations, All people, All life.
Through our higher source, through our hands and hearts,
This light that shines, unites us all at once.
This is how we came to be, this is how we choose to see,
Within this vision and flag in flight, we hold our world United in Light.

For more information visit?www.draftrescue.com or call 406-222-7982.

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