What Do I Take on a Trail Ride

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If you and your horse-crazy friends are planning a trail ride, here’s a checklist of what you should wear and items you should take with you:

  • Head protection: Wear an approved riding helmet on the trail. If you are more style- than safety-conscious, wear at least some kind of hat with a visor or wide brim for sun protection.
  • Sun protection: Dress in layers and carry a slicker and extra socks in your saddlebag.
  • Riding Wear: Wear jeans that fit well and are a good length. Half or full chaps will protect your legs in cold weather and brushy conditions.
  • Footwear: Wear boots, not sneakers.
  • Emergency equipment: Carry human and horse first-aid supplies in your saddlebag, as well as a hoof pick, a plastic hoof-shaped boot in case your horse throws a shoe, an elastic bandage, fly spray, sunscreen, bug repellant, cell phone, compass, knife, extra rope and ties.

Keep the halter on your horse under the bridle, put the lead rope in your saddlebag or on your saddle.

  • Red Ribbon: Tie this to your horse’s tail to alert other riders if your horse has a tendency to kick.

With this checklist of trail ride must-haves, you’re sure to have a successful and fun adventure with your horse and friends.

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